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The look of this site right now is what bipolar feels like to me 

  • Information for partners

  • Medication reviews

  • Seeking services

  • Risky behaviours/ establishing good habits

  • Poetry & art/stories from my experience

  • The role of stigma in bipolar disorder

In September 2017, I got hospitalised and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At this time. I was studying psychology at a university in Sydney, living away from home. I had  just turned 21 and needless to say this diagnosis left me barely keeping my head above the water at times. Before getting diagnosed I had never really been taught anything in my education about bipolar disorder. If I knew more about it previous to it happening, maybe I could have prepared for it better and it could have been slightly less destructive to my life. If you know someone who has been diagnosed or have/ may think you have any kind of bipolar, you will find this blog useful.


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